Electrical Ambassadors: Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce

In a world driven by technology, electricians are the unsung heroes who keep things running. "Electrical Ambassadors" is a dedicated group of electricians established by Goodridge Electrical Contractors, and they have a remarkable mission to ignite a passion for this essential trade, especially among girls. Their engaging school visits are creating sparks of interest and breaking gender stereotypes.

Leading this initiative is Amy, a supervisor deeply committed to promoting diversity in the electrical trade. She's challenging the notion that electrical work is only for men. During school visits, "Electrical Ambassadors" use an interactive board to let students connect circuits and light up bulbs, providing a hands-on experience that sparks curiosity and excitement.

The feedback from these visits has been outstanding, with students and educators alike praising the team's engaging sessions. Importantly, we extend this service to all local schools as part of our commitment to give back to the community and nurture a diverse new generation of electricians – and we do so without charge.

In addition to their school visits and collaborations with JTL, the team actively participates in job centre talks, where they help job seekers discover the vast potential of the electrical trade.

With all these efforts combined, "Electrical Ambassadors," led by Amy and her dedicated team, shine a bright light on the future of the electrical trade. They actively promote diversity and inspire the workforce of tomorrow, all while providing these valuable services to schools and the community without any cost.