Hereford County Hospital Children's Ward Sensory Room

In the heart of the holiday season, just before Christmas, we embarked on a heartwarming journey to enhance a special room within the children's ward at Hereford County Hospital, destined to be a sensory sanctuary for the young patients. The initial challenge we encountered was the precarious lighting setup, composed of fixtures procured from Amazon, which not only compromised the safety of the room but also didn't do justice to the remarkable work carried out by the hospital staff in caring for these children.

The hospital staff's dedication and tireless efforts to provide comfort and care to these young ones served as an inspiration for our mission. With their budget constraints within the charity funds in mind, we recognised the need for a transformation that would truly uplift the space.

To address the lighting issues, we took a significant step by replacing the problematic Amazon fixtures with high-quality LED lights. These new fixtures not only resolved the safety concerns but also introduced the magic of colour-changing and dimmable capabilities, creating a dynamic and soothing atmosphere in the sensory room. To add an extra layer of wonder, we adorned the ceiling with lights featuring breathtaking images of the cosmos, a choice that resonated with the hospital staff's commitment to bringing a touch of awe and wonder into the children's lives.

Our entire transformation project was carried out as a heartfelt and cost-free endeavour, a tribute to the incredible work done by the hospital staff and a gesture to brighten the lives of these deserving young patients. It was a reflection of our deep appreciation for the dedication and compassion that the hospital staff pour into their roles every day.