Worcester Royal Hospital Dementia Garden

Worcestershire Royal Hospital offers support to families with loved ones living with dementia.

When we learned about a nurse's efforts to transform an abandoned courtyard into a welcoming garden, we were compelled to lend a helping hand.

The Project

The courtyard had been leveled and various sensory garden components were being installed by the team. However, due to the courtyard's location, additional lighting was needed to ensure the garden's year-round usability.

To minimize ongoing costs and ensure sustainability, Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd recommended the use of energy-efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs and fixtures. This choice would not strain the hospital's budget or maintenance team.

The Outcome

The complete LED lighting installation was swiftly accomplished, allowing the garden to open as planned.

Patients and families on Avon 4 ward at the hospital now have access to a secure, inviting area. Here, patients can enjoy a stimulating natural environment, and caregivers can find some much-needed respite.

Since this project is dedicated to those affected by dementia, we turn to Henry Sandon, whose late wife had lived with the condition, for the final word:

"This beautiful garden will bring joy to numerous patients, families, and staff. Having visited patients on Avon 4 myself, I know the immense pleasure it will bring to have such a splendid environment to escape to. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to making this a reality."

Henry Sandon MBE - speaking to the NHS trust.